AJAX progress indicator
    Advanced Basic Input/Output System
  • ACK
  • ACL
    Access Control List
  • ACPI
    Advanced Configuration and Power Interface
  • AD
    Active Directory
  • ADS
    Active Directory Service
  • ADSI
    Active Directory Services Interface
  • ADSL
    Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
  • ADU
    Automatic Dialing Unit
    As Far As I Know (Slang)
  • AFK
    Away from Keyboard
  • AFP
    AppleTalk File Protocol
  • AGP
    Accellerated Graphics Port
  • AHCI
    Advanced Host Controller Interface
  • AI
    Artificial Intelligence
  • AIM
    AOL Instant Messenger
  • AJAX
    Asynchronous Javascript and XML
  • AMD
    Advanced Micro Devices
  • AMI
    American Megatrends Inc.
  • ANSI
    American National Standards Institute
  • AOD
    Audio On Demand
  • AOL
    America On-Line
  • APU
    Accelerated Processing Unit
  • AR
    Augmented Reality
  • ARM
    Advanced RISC Machine
  • ARP
    Address Resolution Protocol
  • ARPA
    Advanced Research Projects Agency
    Advanced Research Projects Agency Network
  • ASAP
    As Soon As Possible (Slang)
    American Standard Code for Information Interchange
  • ATA
    Advanced Technology Attachment (Interface)
    AT Attachment Packet Interface
  • ATM
    Automated/Automatic Teller Machine
  • ATOM
    Advanced Terminal for Operation and Maintenance
  • AT&T
    American Telephone & Telegraph
  • ATX
    Advanced Technology Extended
  • AUX
  • AWS
    Amazon Web Services
  • B2A
  • B2B
    Business To Business
  • B2C
    Business To Consumer
  • B2E
    Business To Employee
  • B2P
    Business To Private
    Beginners All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
  • BCC
    Blind Carbon Copy
  • BI
    Business Intelligence
  • BIC
    Bank Identifier Code
  • BIND
    Berkeley Internet Name Domain
  • BIOS
    Basic Input/Output System
  • BLOB
    Binary Large Object
  • BOF
    Begin Of File
  • BPM
    Business Process Management
  • CAD
    Computer Aided Design
  • CAL
    Client Access License
  • CC
    Carbon Copy
  • CCC
    Chaos Computer Club
  • CD
    Compact Disc
  • CD-DA
    Compact Disk - Digital Audio
  • CD-R
    Compact Disk Recordable
  • CD-ROM
    Compact Disk - Read Only Memory
  • CD-RW
    Compact Disk Re-Writable
  • CDU
    Central Data Unit
  • CES
    Consumer Electronics Show
  • CGA
    Color Graphics Adapter
  • CGI
    Common Gateway Interface
  • CHAP
    Challenge-Handshake Authentication Protocol
  • CI
    Continuous Integration
  • CIFS
    Common Internet File System
  • CLIP
    Calling Line Identification Presentation
  • CLIR
    Calling/Connected Line Identification Restriction
    Class Identifier
  • CMOS
    Complimentary Metal Oxide Semiconductor
  • CMS
    Content Management System
  • CMYK
    Cyan - Magenta - Yellow - Key
  • CN
    Common Name
  • CPU
    Central Processing Unit
  • CRM
    Customer Relationship Management
  • CSS
    Cascading Style Sheets
  • CTI
    Computer Telephony Integration
    Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
  • DAT
    Digital Audio Tape
  • DB
  • DC
    Domain Controller
  • DDNS
    Dynamic Domain Name System
  • DDoS
    Distributed Denial of Service
  • DDR
    Double Data Rate
  • DECT
    Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications
    Deutsches Network Information Center
  • DER
    Distinguished Encoding Rules
  • DES
    Data Encryption Standard
  • DFS
    Distributed File Service
  • DHCP
    Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
    Dynamic Hypertext Markup Language
  • DIMM
    Dual Inline Memory Module
  • DKIM
    Domain Keys Identified Mail
  • DLL
    Dynamic Link Library
  • DLP
    Data Loss Prevention
  • DMA
    Direct Memory Access
  • DMS
    Dokumentenmanagementsystem (Document Management System)
  • DMZ
    Demilitarized Zone (Demilitarisierte Zone)
  • DN
    Distinguished Name
  • DND
    Do Not Disturb (Slang)
  • DNG
    Digital Negative (format)
  • DNS
    Domain Name System
    Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification
  • DOM
    Document Object Model
  • DOS
    Disk Operating System
  • dpi
    Dots per Inch
  • DRM
    Digital Rights Management
  • DRS
    Directory Replication Service (Microsoft)
  • DSN
    Data Source Name
  • DSP
    Digital Signal Processor
  • DTMF
    Dual Tone Modulated Frequency
  • DTV
    Digital Television
  • DUN
    Dial-Up Network
  • DVB
    Digital Video Broadcasting
  • DVD
    Digital Versatile Disc
  • DVD-R
    Digital Versatile Disk Read Only Memory
  • DVD-RW
    Digital Versatile Disk Re-Writable
  • DVI
    Digital Video Interactive
  • EC
    Electronic Cash
  • ECC
    Error Correction Code
  • EDP
    Electronic Data Processing
  • EDV
    Elektronische Datenverarbeitung
  • EFI
    Extensible Firmware Interface
  • EFS
    Encrypting File System
  • EHCI
    Enhanced Host Controller Interface
  • EMEA
    Europe - Middle East - Africa
  • EOA
    End Of Address
  • EOB
    End Of Block
  • EOF
    End Of File
  • EOL
    End Of Line
  • EOM
    End Of Message
  • EPI
    Enhanced Parallel Interface
  • EPP
    Enhanced Parallel Port
  • EPS
    Encapsulated Post-Script
  • ERP
    Enterprise Resource Planning
  • ESC
  • EULA
    End User License Agreement
  • EVA
    Eingabe - Verarbeitung - Ausgabe
  • exFAT
    Extended File Allocation Table
  • EXIF
    Exchangeable Image File Format for Digital Still Cameras
  • FAQ
    Frequently Asked Question
  • FDD
    Floppy Disk Drive
  • FSMO
    Flexible Single Master Operation
  • GAC
    Global Assembly Cache
  • GB
  • Gbps
    Gigabits per second
  • GIMP
    GNU Image Manipulation Program
    Global Navigation Satellite System
  • GPL
    General Public License (GNU)
  • GPRS
    General Packet Radio Service
  • GPS
    Global Positioning System
  • GPU
    Graphics Processing Unit
  • GSM
    Global System for Mobile Communications
  • HBCI
    Home Banking Computer Interface
  • HCI
    Host Controller Interface
  • HDD
    Hard Disk Drive
  • HDMI
    High Definition Multimedia Interface
  • HDR
    High Dynamic Range
  • HDTV
    High Definition Television
  • I/O
  • I2C
    Inter-Integrated Circuit
  • IANA
    Internet Assigned Numbers Authority
  • IBAN
    International Bank Account Number
    Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
  • IDE
    Integrated Drive Electronics
  • IDM
    Identity Management
  • IDN
    Identification Number
  • IGP
    Integrated Graphics Processor
  • IMAP
    Internet Message Access Protocol
  • IMEI
    International Mobile Equipment Identifier
  • IMG
  • IP
    Internet Protocol
    Internet Protocol Security Protocol
  • IPV4
    Internet Protocol Version 4
  • IPV6
    Internet Protocol Version 6
  • IPX
    Internetwork Packet Exchange
  • ISDN
    Integrated Services Digital Network
  • ISIN
    International Securities Identification Number
  • ISO
    International Standardization Organization
  • ISP
    Internet Service Provider
  • ISSN
    International Standard Serial Number
  • IT
    Information Technology
  • J2EE
    Java Platform - Enterprise Edition
  • JPEG
    Joint Photographic Experts Group
  • JRE
    Java Runtime Environment
  • JSON
    JavaScript Object Notation
  • kB
  • kbps
    Kilobits per second
  • kHz
  • L2TP
    Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol
  • LAG
    Link Aggregate Group
  • LAMP
  • LAN
    Local Area Network
  • LBA
    Logical Block Addressing
  • LCD
    Liquid Crystal Display
  • LF
    Line Feed
  • LUN
    Logical Unit Number
  • MAC
  • MB
  • MBR
    Master Boot Record
  • Mbyte
  • MDA
    Mail Delivery Agent
  • MPEG
    Motion Picture Experts Group
  • MS-DOS
    Microsoft Disk Operating System
  • MWI
    Message Waiting Indicator
  • NAS
    Network Attached Storage
  • NDA
    Non Disclosure Agreement
  • NetBEUI
    NetBIOS Extended User Interface
  • NetBIOS
    Network Basic Input/Output System
  • NTBA
    Network Terminator Basicrate Access (ISDN-Netzbasisanschluss)
  • NTFS
    New Technology File System
  • NTP
    Network Time Protocol
    Non-Volatile Random Access Memory
  • ODSI
    Open Directory Service Interface
  • OSM
    Open Street Map
  • P2P
    Peer To Peer
  • PCI
    Peripheral Component Interconnect
  • PCI-X
    Peripheral Component Interface Extension
  • PCIE
    Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (Bus)
  • PDF
    Portable Document Format
    Process and Experiment Automation Realtime Language
  • PGP
    Pretty Good Privacy
  • PHP
    Hypertext Preprocessor
  • PKI
    Public Key Infrastructure
  • PoE
    Power over Ethernet
  • POP3
    Post Office Protocol Version 3
  • PPI
    Pixel per Inch
  • PPP
    Point-to-Point Protocol
    Point-to-Point Protocol Over Ethernet
  • PPTP
    Point to Point Tunneling Protocol
  • PSTN
    Public Switched Telephone Network
  • PTR
    Pointer Record (DNS)
  • RAID
    Redundant Array of Independent Drives
  • RAM
    Random Access Memory
  • RAS
    Remote Access Server
  • RDP
    Remote Desktop Protocol
  • RDS
    Remote Data Services
    Regular Expression
  • RFC
    Request For Comments
  • RGB
  • RMA
    Return Merchandise Authorization
  • ROM
    Read Only Memory
  • RPC
    Remote Procedure Call
  • S/MIME
    Secure / Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions
  • S/N
    Serial Number
  • S/PDIF
    Sony/Philips Digital Interface
  • SAN
    Storage Area Network
  • SAS
    Serial Attached SCSI
  • SATA
    Serial ATA
  • SCSI
    Small Computer System Interface
  • SDC
    Secure Digital Card
    Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory
  • SEO
    Search Engine Optimization
  • SEPA
    Single Euro Payments Area
  • SIMM
    Single Inline Memory Module
  • SIP
    Session Initiation Protocol
  • SLA
  • SMAP
    Simple Mail Access Protocol
    Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology
  • SMB
    Server Message Block
  • SMD
    Surface Mounted Device
  • SMS
    Short Message Service
  • SPoF
    Single Point of Failure
  • SQL
    Structured Query Language
  • SRAM
    Static Random Access Memory
  • SSD
    Solid State Disk
  • SSL
    Secure Sockets Layer
  • STP
    Shielded Twisted Pair
  • STUN
    Simple traversal of UDP over NATs
    Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications
  • TAE
  • TB
  • TCP
    Transmission Control Protocol
  • TCP/IP
    Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
  • TFT
    Thin Film Transistor
  • TLS
    Transport Layer Security
  • TPM
    Trusted Platform Module
  • TTL
    Time To Live
    Technology Without An Interesting Name
  • UAC
    User Account Control
  • UART
    Universal Asynchronous Reciver-Transmitter
  • UDF
    Universal Disk Format
  • UDMA
    Ultra-Direct Memory Access
  • UDP
    User Datagram Protocol
  • UHF
    Ultrahigh Frequency (300 MHz -- 3 GHz)
  • UI
    User Interface
  • UPS
    Uninterruptable Power Supply
  • USB
    Universal Serial Bus
  • USN
    Update Sequence Number
  • USV
    Unterbrechungsfreie Stromversorgung
  • UTP
    Unshielded Twisted Pair
  • VB
    Visual Basic
  • VBA
    Visual Basic for Applications
  • VDSL
    Very High Speed Digital Subscriber Line
  • VDU
    Video Display Unit
  • VESA
    Video Electronics Standard Association
  • VFAT
    Virtual File Allocation Table
  • VGA
    Video Graphics Array
  • VHF
    Very High Frequency (30 -- 300 MHz)
  • VHS
    Video Home System
  • VLAN
    Virtual Local Area Network
  • VM
    Virtual Machine
  • VoIP
    Voice over IP
  • VPN
    Virtual Private Network
  • VRAM
    Video Random Access Memory
  • W3C
    World Wide Web Consortium
  • WAP
    Wireless Application Protocol
  • WCF
    Windows Communication Foundation
  • WEP
    Wired Equivalent Privacy
  • WIFI
    Wireless Fidelity
  • WINS
    Windows Internet Name Service
    Windows Socket
  • WLAN
    Wireless Local Area Network (Kabelloses Lokales Netzwerk)
  • WOL
    Wake on LAN
  • WVGA
    Wide Video Graphics Array
  • WWC
    World Wide Computing
  • WWW
    World Wide Web
  • WXGA
    Wide Extended Graphics Array
    What You See Is What You Get
    Extended Apache/MySQL/PHP/Perl
  • XGA
    Extended Graphics Array
  • XMP
    Extensible Metadata Platform (Adobe)
  • XMPP
    Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol
  • XOFF
    Exchange/Transmitter Off
  • XON
    Exchange/Transmitter On
  • XrML
    Extensible rights Markup Language
  • YaST
    Yet another Setup Tool
  • YUV
    (Farbmodell: Luminanz Y - Chrominanzwerte U - V)
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